The company was founded in 2000 under the name of Industrial Permanganate, In 2004 the company changed its name to Industrial Minerals Permanganate and Potash Iran, their actual work began in carrying out research and consultancy in mining affairs, both exploration and exploitation, investments in other companies and as well as all commercial matters relating to all the mines and civil engineering projects. The company took over, Iljaq Potash Mine which is located in 130 kilometers of Zanjan in the district by the same name for ore preparation and operation. The estimation of deposits mineral reserves, about 5/3 million tonnes of potash ore was estimated. The company name was changed to Iran Potash Mineral and Industrial Company. At the end of 2010, preparations for removing gangue and open pit mineral mining was performed after operation licensing.

Exploration operations are summarized as follows:

– Geophysical operations with radioactive method as well as the gravimetric for the determination of salt dome area.
– Trenching and dealing with minerals.
– Drilling required exploratory boreholes which 14 exploration boreholes have encountered to mineral.
– Drilling experimental tunnel and slope cross with 7 feet square and achieve to the desired mineral.
– Identify the mineral with complete breakdown of Material, XRD and XRF testing it as well.
– Potash ore at the mine 7/13% K2O has been calculated.
– Study technology for the processing of ore and obtain a marketable product.